Snow Blowers on Sale: Snow Blower Safety Tips

While you are shopping for snow blowers on sale, you should be aware of safety issues regarding this powerful tool. Statistics show that a snow blower can be a dangerous piece of machinery. The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates in the past year that emergency rooms have been filled with more than 5700 injuries related to a snow blower. There have been over 19 deaths since 1992 which range from getting caught in the machine to carbon monoxide poisoning. The next time you use your snow blower, safety should be a high priority.

Safety Tips For Your Snow Blower

Before operating any type of machinery such as snow blower, make sure to review and read the directions thoroughly before operation. Never bypass this step because there are several things outlined in the operational manual that can protect you and the machine from injury or harm. You want to make sure you know the proper steps to be able to stop the engine and the movement of the snow blower. All snow blowers on sale operate differently. If you owned a snow blower in the past, don’t assume you can buy a brand new model and not read the instructions. Each snow blower will operate differently in some capacity.

Almost two thirds of all the accidents involve fingers. Finger injuries occur most frequently when the operator is trying to clear the auger or discharge chute with his or her hands. So the most important thing to remember is to keep hands and feet away from all moving parts. This includes waiting approximately 5 seconds after the blade has been shut off. And be aware that the motor has a brief recoil after shutdown. Also, you want to make sure the engine is completely stopped before attempting to clear the snow or debris from the auger or discharge chute. And whatever you do, never use your hands to clear the chute.

Manufacturers have been concentrating on adding controls that will stop when your hands release from the handlebar. This will in turn shut down the motor and the movement of the auger just in case you accidentally put your hands where they do not belong. If you purchase a brand new snow blower, make sure you buy one that has this option. Also, many models are coming with a clearing tool that can be used to clear the auger or discharge chute.

Wearing the proper clothes when operating a snow blower is important in keeping yourself safe. The appropriate clothing would be boots that have good traction on slippery surfaces, warm clothes and face masks for extreme cold and eye protection such as goggles. The most important thing to remember is not to wear scarves or any loose clothing. Scarves and loose clothing can get caught in moving parts and cause injury. Wearing the appropriate clothing will protect your skin from the cold and also protect you from getting injured operating the snow blower. Also, protecting your hearing from a gas powered engine is recommended. Earplugs would be a great choice.

When fueling the snow blower make sure that the engine is cool and not running. Never leave the engine running while refueling because this could cause a fire. Always refuel the machine outdoors and never in a shed or garage. Wipe up all spills very carefully. And when storing gasoline make sure it is out of the house and away from ignition sources. If it is an electric snow blower than it is important to be aware where the cord is at all times. If the cord is in bad repair or gets around moisture they could cause you to get a shock.

Never leave the engine running an enclosed area. This can cause the backup of carbon monoxide in the room which can be dangerous or even deadly situation. When you purchase a snow blower, never make modifications which will change the machine safety during operation. Never remove covers or any part that is their for safety purposes. Under no circumstances should you let a child run or operate the machine. While the snow blower is unattended in the presence of a child, the engine should be shut off. When operating the snow blower you should never drink and always be sober. This could impair you from making the correct decisions.

Always consider safety issues while shopping for snow blowers on sale.

Snow Blowers on Sale – Safety Conclusion

A snow blower is a great tool to have but like any machine you must be cautious on its operation. These machines can save you tons of time and back-breaking work. But always follow the proper operational instructions and safety must come first. When you are searching for snow blowers on sale, be sure to read the reviews very carefully to see if that product has a history of safety concerns.